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You will be accompanied by us until the end of this FIFA year and will easily make 10 million coins and more. Let's build your dream team together with the best players ever.

Your Chilled Trading Season Pass consists of the following content that you will get until the end of the season
  • Access to the Chilled Trading System where you can copy our trades to make 87.000 Coins in 20 minutes (as often as you want daily)
  • Bidding on Rewards & Events for an additional 100K twice per week with only 1 hour of effort
  • Always up-to-date guides for active trading like our Icon Trading Guide
  • Daily market analysis, so you always know what's going on and if you should sell or buy your team
  • The best investment tips to make easy coins
  • Your safe spot in our group, without having to fear that there will be no place next month
We sold our Season Pass for €240 at the start of FIFA 22.
NOW - and this is only for new participants of Chilled Trading - we give you the Season Pass for only €37 instead of €240.
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You have your spot in our group until FIFA 23 comes and finally play with the best players like Gullit, R9 and Pele.
This special offer is limited to 20 people only. So if you see this offer right now, you can consider yourself extremely lucky.

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