For real?... €27 for 3 months?!

Only now! 3 additional months for only €27. I can understand it, you're currently asking yourself why you should spend another €27 for additionally 3 months.

I‘ll explain you why:

When your 6 month package expires a very hot phase around Team of the Season starts. The market is crumbling and it will be very hard to make coins without professional support. If you want to have your dream players in your team in the Team of the Season phase, then the further 3 months are a must for you. This way you have a professional support for all important events in FIFA22.

Now a question for you: Would €27 be worth it for you - if that means you could play with the best players like ICON Ronaldo R9 in the Weekend League during the Team of the Season?

Yes or No? That‘s all I‘m asking you.