Did you notice what happened yesterday?

The market crashed hard because of the preview packs. That's exactly what we always predicted. Crazy things happen in November. Your team probably lost a lot of value, right? This uncertainty makes you uneasy because you don't really know what else is going to happen? The crash didn't affect us much, because we knew it was coming, so we were prepared. Your team will be worth less and less in November if you don't do anything about it now, because the most important event - Black Friday - is still ahead of us and it will create havoc. Your goal to play with your Dream Team is drifting further and further away from you if you do the wrong things now.

What are your options?



Do nothing, sell everything and wait for the turbulent time to pass?
That's not a solution because you won't have fun with the game anymore. You absolutely have to make coins because players like Mbappé will become extremely expensive at Black Friday and you lose the connection to them. With our Chilled Trading System you can make coins at any time, even in such a huge crash.



Copy our trading experts and make huge profits in November instead of losses. So you can finally play with Mbappe, icons & other high end special cards already in November.

Start with the Chilled Trading System and make at least 500K coins every week with only 30 minutes a day.

If you go through November without a plan, you will end up as a big loser while everyone else has their dream team. Searching for free information online won't do you any good either, because you will always be one step too late. In our group, investment tips went out immediately in the minute when the market crashed. Today we can already enjoy the profits. Our members don't have to worry about anything because we analyse the market for them every day and always tell them the best ways to make coins quickly.

This is what we called right after the crash:

For Example Oblak:

This is Oblak's price now:

This has been just one example of many and you see that we are already giving you information on how to make coins while others are still in full panic.

Take your chance before we are sold out or you’ll continue wandering through November cluelessly and moving away from your Dream Team instead of getting closer.

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