21 Days Mbappé Challenge

Play with the best gold card Mbappé in just 21 days and secure an unfair advantage over 97% of other gamers.

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Our Transfer Profit After

 21 Days In FIFA 22 

You're thinking 20 million in 3 weeks, huh?


Can I do that too?

I'm sorry to disappoint you, but you need years of experience to do that. We have been on the market for 10 years and know everything inside out.

But how do you profit from it?

Using all our experience, we have developed systems exactly for people like you. With these systems and our App, anyone can now make millions of coins with very little time & no prior knowledge. Even if you have never made a single coin & it’s your very first FIFA season, you can follow and copy our system.

Our FIFA 22 Squad

The Challenge is a must for you IF YOU:

• Have the best team among all your friends

• Want to copy our TOP 100 FUT traders

• Don‘t want to waste your time in the FUT market

• Want to focus only on playing

• Don't want to lose against pay-to-win people anymore

• Want to play with a crazy team already in the first Weekend Leagues

• Want a team that would cost thousands of dollars with FIFA Points

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That's why last year we were always sold out until the end of November and could only offer the handful spots that became available per week.

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 How everyone can manage to play with Mbappé 


Web App phase: The game is not out yet and everyone is trying to make their first coins. This is the most difficult but also most crucial period on FIFA. Every coin earned is worth 10x more at release.

If you manage to make your first 10K coins, you feel like you've already made 100K.

You’ll make very few coins, but they are worth a lot. Prices then start to rise and we tell you which players you have to invest in and when to sell them. Your coin balance is now increasing day by day.


Release Ultimate Edition: Prices are now crashing and we will give you great investment opportunities for the next few days.

We tell you which players you have to buy, when and for what price to make the most profit.


Release Standard Edition: This is where the most coins are made. The market is full of bargains and we have a low phase.

Here, if you followed everything we told you, you should have your first million coins. Now all the fun begins for you because it's easier to make more coins when you already have a good coins budget.

The great thing is that you can already buy a good team because most players will continue to increase in value until the first Weekend League starts.


FUT Champions start and the game fully takes off: The prices now explode for the first time and all your players rise massively in value. With the investments you copied from us, you have already made a fortune. After the first Weekend League rewards you can afford your Mbappé.

The Mbappé Challenge is now over. But this is only the beginning: You will stay with us until the end of FIFA 23 (for free) and continue to grow your coin balance so you can afford all the best players. And when we say all, we mean all.

What would Mbappé cost if you bought him with FIFA Points?

With €100 you can get 140K coins on average. If we assume that Mbappe will cost about 2.5 million coins, you would have to spend around €1800 to get him with Points.

With our 21 Days Mbappé Challenge you save more than 90% AND you can stay with us until the end of FIFA 23 to make more than 20 million additional coins over the whole season.

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